LFL: Origin Stories Thursdays 10-10:45


Standup storytelling about the first moments with your child:

Come share your first moments with your child. This is the safe spaces to tell all from your perspective and experience. Bring your nitty and your gritty from intervention to the legal documents of adoption. All stories are welcome. Ending with a tight 5 minute performance at the JuiceBox Blend show the last class Sunday at 5pm. We hope to bring tantrums into laughter and tears into joy. Focus on improvisation games, storytelling and standup with your little. Goal is to engage and connect with your little though vulnerability and language.

The session will run from September 26th to October 31st.

Drop in $30 a family*
6 week session for $150 a family*
* family of 3 one adult two kids or two adults one child
**additional family members $90 rate session