Our core values.

evidence-based theory

We combine the best ideas from meisner, improv, and zen into a cohesive approach to imaginative work. Our programs are adaptive and re-worked to showcase each teacher's strengths. 

Passionate Teachers

We think it's important that the people teaching at our theater are working artists. It means you get to work with the people who make Chicago's culture great, and learn the tools they use to create effective work. 


The Juicebox represents community, spiritual growth, and artistic integrity. We want to provide an inclusive space, and showcase silenced voices. We want you to join that community of artists and take part in our programming. As a member of the Juicebox community you'll get to pitch shows, have access to rehearsal space, and help us help Chicago with our outreach programming. 

Don't forget about story

We believe improv can be better.  Our curriculum at its core is a deconstruction starting from the core of human storytelling and building from there. The result is a lesson-plan that liberates your fundamental approaches to creativity using story-based work.

About our classes.

Level one: Imagination and You

Learn about the art of improv. Deconstruct the form to its basics and begin to learn how to observe behavior. 

Level TwO: IMagination and You Part two

Liberating the ego from normative tendencies. Contemplating the nature of the self as it relates to creativity and expression. Exploring character through self. 

Level Three: Story, Game, Form

You’ve freed yourself up for emotional improvisation, now we begin to build our understanding of voice, patterns, and learn to recognize and experiment with story.